City of Naples Vision Assessment

Vision Plan Assessment, Direction & Goals

About the Vision Assessment

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Learn what the Vision Assessment process is and what the output will be.

Process & Schedule

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Understand the phases of the process and how to participate in it.

Vision Plan & Documents

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The 2007 Naples Vision Plan and numerous other plans guide the City.

A Vision Plan

A vision plan is about you, and the hopes, dreams, and wishes you have for your community.  It is developed by bringing residents, businesses, property owners, and sometimes visitors of a community together to learn what is you like, what you like or dislike about your community, and what you want the future of it to be.

This process identifies key issues, challenges, and trends. It establishes specific goals and action steps to achieve those goals.

In many communities, including Naples, a vision plan becomes much more. It is incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan, the Annual Budget, and an ongoing Work Plan for staff and the community.

Periodically, the vision plan should be updated to reflect on what has been achieved and changed since the last vision plan, and that's exactly what the City of Naples is doing with your help!  

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