Naples Vision - Directions & Goals

In October 1996, the City Council adopted a 10-year planning model (VISION 2005) which established the framework for the City’s Comprehensive Plan and identified strategies to guide Naples into the 21st century. 

This was later updated, and in June 2007, the City Council adopted a vision statement titled “Preserving Naples: A vision plan to keep the best of the past while building a better community for the future.” That document and a Vision Work Plan were incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan and the goals identified in the Vision are utilized in the development of the City’s annual budget (operating and capital).

Periodically every several years a vision plan is revisited and updated to reflect what has been accomplished, what has yet to be done, and to identify changes in community desires.  

The City of Naples is doing just that now through this process that will include four community workshops and an online survey.  Following completion of these, community feedback will be compiled and organized into a report of recommendations to the Planning Advisory Board (PAB). From these, the PAB will determine the next steps to update the vision plan to reflect the community today.

2007 Vision Plan

Explore the Vision Vision Plan here or, visit the Vision & Documents tab for the this and additional plans or documents that integrate the implementation of the Vision Plan.

Vision Plan