Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vision Plan?

A Vision Plan is a planning tool developed through public involvement to identify the future goals that a community’s residents, businesses, property owners and others would like to see for the long-term future of that community. It may include opportunities, challenges, assets and liabilities and should include action steps that may be used for implementation of the plan.

Why develop Vision Plans?

A well-developed Vision will provide guidance and direction to City administration and staff. Often, elements within a Vision will be incorporated into the City’s comprehensive plan, annual work plans, and budgets.

Do Vision Plans change?

Yes, as a community evolves so does a vision. Typically, every ten years or so a Vision should be revisited through the public process. This may result in no significant change of vision, some modification, or may necessitate a new or significantly different vision.

What would cause a Vision Plan to change?

There are two primary areas that impact the current relevance of a Vision.

1. Action steps identified in a Vision may have been completed and no longer remain necessary.

2. The community population, business community, growth and development, or local, regional, and national trends have changed in some way that may alter the way a community views itself and it’s future.

What is the City of Naples doing with its Vision?

The City of Naples is preparing to evaluate if the current Vision represents the goals of the community for the next ten years. The City’s consultant, Stantec, will be hosting four workshops in January and will follow up with an online survey in February to evaluate if the current Vision remains accurate today.

Is this creating a new Vision Plan?

No. This effort is simply to identify if the current Vision still reflects what the community sees for the future of the City.

What exactly is happening now?

The City’s consultant, Stantec, has met with organizations identified by the Planning Advisory Board to inform them of the upcoming workshops and survey.

What happens next?

Following the workshops and the survey in January and February, the City’s consultant, Stantec, will evaluate feedback and responses. From this, they will make recommendations to the Planning Advisory Board on how, if at all, the current Vision Plan should be revisited to accurately reflect the goals of the community.

I heard that the City already identified constituents.  Why am I not included?

Each resident, property owner, and business is a constituent. The Planning Advisory Board identified a variety of organizations and requested the City’s consultant, Stantec, share with them the visioning assessment that will be occurring to enlist their help in engaging the public.

What makes those organizations more important?

No organization or constituent has any greater importance than another. The Planning Advisory Board is trying to reach the greatest number of residents and business owners through organizations that have large memberships, such as neighborhood associations, business districts, and large-scale employers.


How do I get notified?

You are currently visiting the dedicated project website. All meeting dates and survey information will be posted here. Please visit this site frequently for updates or sign up on this site to receive notices.

When do I give my input?

The City is requesting all interested community members to attend one of the four workshops in January, and subsequently complete the online survey in February.

What are the workshops for?

The workshops will serve two purposes. The first will be to share/explain the current Vision for anyone that is not familiar with it. The second will be to provide an opportunity to discuss the current Vision and thoughts for the future.

What is the survey for?

The survey will provide a platform for community input that will be used to determine if the current Vision is accurate as is, should have modifications, or if it is time for a new visioning process.

Who is developing the survey?

The City’s consultant, Stantec, will be creating the survey, with review from the Planning Advisory Board, based on community feedback from the workshops and from their review and analysis of existing plans and documents.

I already gave my input during a stakeholder meeting; do I need to participate in the workshops or take the survey?

Yes. The workshops and the survey will be the basis for recommendations to the City on the current Vision.


I don't want people outside of the City to influence the Vision Plan.  What will be done to manage that?

The survey will include questions that will allow the City’s consultant to identify residents and businesses located within the City limits. Input received from nonresidents will be identified as such.

What happens next?

After the workshops and survey are completed, the City’s consultant, Stantec, will compile the input and data gathered. The results will be presented to the Planning Advisory Board. The Planning Advisory Board will determine if the results indicate a need to revise the Vision. The Board will make a recommendation to the City Council on the next steps in the process.

Is there another way to give input besides the workshops and the survey?

Yes. The Vision assessment process is the first agenda item at the Planning Advisory Board meetings held on the second Wednesday each month at City Hall.