Process and Schedule

Overview of the Process

The vision assessment process began in August 2018 with a series of interviews with members of the planning advisory board, city council, city staff, and numerous neighborhood groups and related organizations to gain a general perspective on the relevance of the existing vision plan created and adopted in 2007.

Next, a series of public workshops will be held (see below for dates and locations) to engage participants in discussing the existing vision plan, how it resonates with residents and businesses today, and identify relevant adjustments, additions, or potential deletions to it. Concurrently, a community survey will be posted online for residents and businesses who attend the workshops as well as those who are not able to attend.

Once complete, the feedback from the various interviews, public workshops, and community survey will be evaluated. Recommendations will be made to the planning advisory board on the existing vision elements. After this, the planning advisory board will determine the appropriate next steps in updating the vision plan to reflect the next ten year of Naples. 

Milestone Schedule:

December:  Notify the Public of Upcoming Workshops

January:  Community Workshops

February:  Public survey

March:  Survey Close & Compilation

April:  Final Report

City of Naples shown in beige.

City of Naples shown in beige.

Process of the Vision Plan Assessment


Icon heading for Qualitative element of the Vision assessment.

The first public part of the vision assessment process is qualitative and has included in depth discussions with elected officials, city staff, planning advisory board members, and numerous neighborhood and resident groups and organizations. Following this, public workshops will be conducted to engage dialogue and feedback from participants. During this process, an online survey will also be posted for community wide response.


Icon heading for Quantitative element of the Vision assessment.

Ongoing discussions, workshop feedback, and general input is meaningful in the analysis of the existing vision plan and it's relevance to Naples today. While this will be a component of the considerations for the overall assessment, the project survey will provide more significant measurables to further guide the assessment. We will evaluate both collectively, and assess the variations in feedback from residents and businesses within the city.


Icon heading for Compilation element of the Vision assessment.

At the end of the process, an overall assessment will be prepared to outline the views of the community on the relevance of the existing vision plan, as well as recommendations on what may not be relevant today. This may result in additions to the plan, modifications, or deletions from it. From this, the planning advisory board will assess how to proceed with the appropriate update to the existing vision plan.